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Green is the New Black

The last time I tried to start a Blog I was in college at C.W. Post LIU and I was 20. I barely went to class but somehow managed to pass due to my creative ability. My blog was basically a bunch of poems, rants (cause I was 20), & random short stories. Now 21 years later I have focus and was able to funnel my creative energy into a passion and a business.

Hi, I'm Carmel Bellarosa & I am the owner of #Hairwizards Salon in Pittsfield, Maine. I'm also the only stylist in my small studio space & I absolutely love what I do. I'm excited to explore the world of hair with you from my perspective, help you achieve the healthy hair you have always wanted, help you become a more educated consumer of the hair industry & maybe make you laugh along the way. I can guarantee my brain will come up with some random posts sometimes but it's part of my creative process & I have learned to embrace it.

Green is the New Black???

This has a lot of meaning for me. Firstly, I grew up in New York where everyone's go-to color is Black! One step further than just black, I'm totally obsessed with flat black! New York is a hard place; its fast, its loud, it scares people, but it was the place that allowed me to be myself completely through my teens and 20s. Now in my 40s and living in rural Maine, Forest Green seems to be more appropriate for what I am trying to do. I find myself in the woods and in nature a lot & I am exploring this new state with all the intensity that I explored NYC as a teenager. I hope to bring you all along in my random & impulsive journeys.

Secondly, The Salon! Not only have I decorated #Hairwizards Salon with a bunch of forest green but I am actively looking for ways to keep my carbon footprint small. I actively try to use product lines that also work towards having a smaller footprint, most of my products come in recycled bottles or have no plastic at all. I have installed a special shower head for my sink that uses less water per shampoo & filters the water as its being used.

I'll keep this first post short & sweet as I learn to navigate the world of blogging (and brush up on my writing skills).

10vol No Heat,


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